• Cervolante

    A brand with identity for men & women:
    The Cervolante style emphasises value and timelessness. Only natural materials are used, materials of the finest quality such as buckskin, sheepskin, tweed and waxed cotton.

    A mix of materials as a styling element
    The way individual materials are finished  – whether it’s animal skin printed with camouflage patterns, waxed cotton or sand-blasted leather – and their combination to form a new part of the collection are an integral part of the design philosophy and contribute to the distinctiveness of the brand.

    Cervolante has now become an insider tip for many aficionados. The label is sold exclusively in the most luxurious specialist shops in Germany and the rest of the world.

    Cervolante does not try to pretend it is something it’s not: Cervolante is quite simply Cervolante!


    A Luxury Vintage Company Brand. 
Men, women and children from the working class had to work almost day and night during all seven days of the week. Most of the time they did it under arduous circumstances, not to speak off their ragged out uniforms. The workers accomplished a remarkable human achievement without any compromises whatsoever. Until one day an immigrant, by the name of Aleksander R. Dentski, found the entrepreneur in himself by coming up with the idea of improving the workers lives. His plan was to establish a company that would produce comfortable garments that men could wear after their work. The fabrics had to be unique in appearance as well as superior in comfort and functionality, underpinned by the highest level of quality. By doing so the workers could DSTREZZED and still look fresh. 
Following this story, “The luxury vintage company” was established by Dentski and now still runs through the DNA of our brand. It is by respecting our history that we have become naturally aware of beauty and functionality. Resulting in iconic and everlasting clothes with a vintage feel. We would like to conclude with a promise: 

    We believe in: 
1. Excellent price/quality ratio for the consumer.
2. A perfect positioning in the mid/high level distribution.
3. Unparalleled margin possibilities for the retailer (3.2)!

  • Franklin & Marshall

    Women & Men

    Leading the pack for the market of highly classed College brands, Franklin and Marshall secures their authentic vintage reign to 100% Italian manufacturing.

    In 1999, Andrea Pensiero and Beppe Alberelli took off over the globe on the search for inspiration. Landing on the fleamarket of Philadelphia’s Franklin and Marshall College campus, the two friends realized their label’s future identity on a T-shirt. This logo was adopted, the collection for men and women created, representing the brand’s success today as a forerunner in authentic Vintage College looks.

  • Frye

    Founded in 1863, the Frye Company is marked as the most traditional shoe company in the USA. Mr. Frye operated the business independently for nearly 50 years until his death, upon which his family continued his legacy by managing the company until 1945.

    Frye is presently owned by one of the world’s largest shoe producers, the Jimlar Konzern.

    Vast warehouse capabilities enables every shoe style and size to be ordered at any time. Highest quality standards are the golden rule; through the use of Italian leather and welt-sewn crafting. Assurance of excellent competitive pricing complements the concept of Frye.


    GOOSECRAFT is dedicated to provide every individual with the unique property of leather; “the longer you wear it the more beautiful it becomes, like a second skin”. GOOSECRAFT challenges everyone to underline and express their creativity by wearing and understanding leather in the right way. we believe everyone deserves a real GOOSECRAFT!

    our mission will always be to provide the ultimate leather product that fits in the personal & unique belongings of every individual whom recognizes that leather has an added value in life.


  • Loveday Jeans

    According to its eponymous inventor, the new premium denim brand LOVEDAY JEANS aims “to combine high-fashion expectations with a basic wardrobe essential”.

    Traditional manufacture meets futuristic design fine-tuned with exceptional details. According to Papis Loveday, “to find a perfectly fitting, high-quality jeans with innovative design and production details is still difficult despite the variety of the market.”

    The model himself developed the progressive and urban look of the “Lovedays”. The styles are moulded into their final shape by the Italian designer Laura Pastrello and her team, who also work for Diesel and Mauro Grifoni among others. Umberto Vendramin, who also works in collaboration with luxury brands such as Calvin Klein, John Galliano, Iceberg or Costume National among others, is in charge of production in Italy.


    Women & Men

    Environmental consciousness meets international freedom for the Italian family label Mason’s. Established 30 years ago in Avenza bei Carrara and proudly led successfully today by third generation brothers Nicola and Vilmo Martini; this pair assures the finely complex Mason’s philosophy stays alive. Fundamental values emanating from famous icon personalities such as Che Guevara, John F. Kennedy, Ghandi, or the Dalai Lama line the core of Mason’s philosophy preaching free will and democracy. The collection’s authenticity enjoys popularity within the trendy fashion world while serving individual tastes for men and women; meeting the demand to satisfy seasonal adjustments with pure design simplicity.

    Mason’s esprit delivers a charming aesthetic, always maximizing a relaxed personalized style.

  • SAND

    Cool Scandinavian silhouettes mix with warm southern European charm to maintain its provocative, elegant focus – SAND designs clothes for the way world citizens think, work and live.

    „Our inspiration is to create favourite pieces of clothes, that you can practically move into, are easy to live with and hard to get rid of. Relaxed and comfortable, but at the same time ooze of karma and class”, says Creative Director Soren Sand.

    The overall philosophy behind the lifestyle brand SAND – whether it be for Men or Women – is a fine balance between the classic, elegant and sophisticated up against the modern, twisted and the quirky.

    SAND is about highclass fabrics and perfect manufacturing – tailoring mainly in Italy and Portugal. This enables the consumer’s own individual experience of touching, feeling and wearing SAND products, and discovering their value.

    Today, SAND is represented in 32 countries on 6 continents at more than 1,200 customers.